I create an environment in which clients can be relaxed, open and future-facing. Clients are supported 100% whilst being challenged in a way that they may not get from others.

Our coaching may focus on:

Here are some examples of how we could work together. However simply get in touch to kick off a conversation with regards what will work for you.

1:1 Coaching

A bespoke 3-12 month intensive partnership

  • An in-depth review of your current situation and where you want to get to
  • An achievable action plan over an agreed timescale
  • We will focus on tangible results, improved leadership skills, greater alignment and work/life balance. You will develop powerful self-coaching and mindset skills so that the impact lasts long beyond the actual partnership

Co-founder/ Leader Coaching & Mediation

4-12 month coaching programme / Intensive 1 day vision and planning sessions / Generative mediation sessions.

  •  An analysis of your roles, strengths, weaknesses and relationship challenges
  • The creation of a blueprint of how best to work together looking at values and vision alignment, role strengthening, communications and conflict management
  • Facilitated brainstorming on company vision, culture, strategy and troubleshooting
  • Mediation: to move forward from an ongoing conflict. A day or two for each party to air their views, understand the other and move forward in a productive and generative manner.

Coaching Vision & Planning Day

An intense in-person one day deep dive (or two virtual half days) and two follow up mini-sessions

  • A close look at your current reality and a vision of your future
  • An identification of any blocks and how to overcome them
  • We will finish the day with a powerful action plan and I will follow up with a personalised resource toolkit to help you on your journey
  • Two follow up check-in sessions in the subsequent month

Company Coaching, Workshops & Facilitation

I can work with your senior team as well as the whole company. It can vary from one-off or ongoing work with particular individuals to help them to flourish, to group and team work to develop company cohesion and harmony. 

I also carry out and facilitate company vision and strategy days, 360 degree feedback and create turnaround action plans. 

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