Mediation may focus on:

There are a variety of ways we can work together. First step is an 1 hr call to understand the issues and see if I can help.

Conflict Coaching and Facilitation

Individual coaching sessions and facilitated group workshops

  • Suitable for a team of people or even the whole company
  • There are issues that need to be aired, examined and moved forward on
  • I will speak to the individuals involved in the conflict individually understanding the situation from their perspective and coaching them to see the broader picture
  • Then if appropriate I will bring all the parties together to facilitate a discussion in order to work towards a resolution. This will be a confidential, serious yet warm and creative space for people to think, reveal, discuss, disagree and resolve
  • We may or may not create a written agreement at the end of the session


A formal process between two parties

  • Suitable for two individuals who have become entrenched in a conflict and do not feel able to move on from it. It is often threatening to escalate to the point of damaging the company as well as the individual mental health of the parties.
  • Individual meetings with each person
  • An in-person or zoom join meeting to work through the dispute. Half day or full day
  • Each person will be able to speak and express themselves in a calm, neutral and completely confidential space. It is a structured process which brings a sense of clarity when things feel very messy!
  • I will bring my mediation, coaching and facilitation skills to help the individuals to reach their own resolution to the issue
  • A written agreement will be produced at the end of the agreed time


Conflict Resolution Training

Workshops in conflict and communication skills

  • I run various workshops to train individuals and teams in how to handle conflict better. I also help companies to design their own system for conflict management.
  • Understanding individual conflict styles and how to work with them
  • Communication methods during conflict which result in better outcomes
  • Using conflict productively and creatively
  • The creation of a conflict resolution system that the whole company follows

Prices start at £750 for a simple half day package. Please get in touch to see how I can help you.

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