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What you focus on expands

There is a very human tendency to dwell on the past. To rehash, to relive, to regurgitate. This happens in your head: the downward thought loop as your brain gets trapped in a past experience. And it happens out loud: the toxic venting to a friend about your employee/co-founder/significant other…

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How to design your life: do the reverse

So you’ve set up your company. Your baby is born.

It works. It employs people. It makes money. It gets publicity. You are proud of your product.

You feel beautifully in charge of your time, your peace of mind and your destiny….Or not.

Why do people start businesses? Three main reasons.

A sense of purpose.

A desire to make a difference.

A wish to live life on your own terms, to be free, to be the architect of your day-to-day existence.

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