The future is bleak

Dear Reader,

Happy 2023! Happy Future!

Oh, wait it isn’t looking quite so happy…

Rising prices, strikes, war, climate change, chatGPT (my opinion on the last one).

More change than ever before.

Did you know the next ten years will bring more change than the previous hundred?

Utter, utter uncertainty.

Or as my business clients like to say:

Things are very “VUCA”

Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous.

And they are feeling this not just within their companies but on a personal level too.

What do you do when the future is very uncertain AND not looking so great?

How do you operate?

What advice can my trade of coaching offer?

A trade that could be described as future therapy.

How do you accept the uncertainty and then work with it?

Here goes:

Be conscious of three things.

1)    A good future is created by optimists: so be an optimist.

2)    Your mindset contains your future: so consciously create a positive one.

3)    And….Enjoy the hell out of the present.

Read on for a little more detail.

And remember

“We are called to be the architects of the future, not its victims” *

So I repeat:

Happy 2023!

Love Sanja

PS *Quote by Buckminster Fuller

1.    Optimists create the future

-If you want to build a future that is different you have to take action
-This applies both to your personal situation and to external systemic and structural issues
-So dig deep into the current situation, analyse it and then look forward, plan, be prepared for all scenarios, pre-empt issues. Don’t be naïve: be a realistic optimist
-Then make changes small and large, have agency, be the author of your own story and the global one. Don’t just dream: be an active optimist.

2.    Your current mindset contains the quality of your future

-Behave in the present moment in a way that enhances the present AND positively impacts future moments.
-Look after yourself, be kind, see the big picture, hear the other side.
-Rather than being frozen by uncertainty embrace and be energised by it. What might the future bring?

3.    But remember that all you really have is the present

-Accept reality, don’t resist it.
-Appreciate the tiny things in life
-Be grateful

Some reading recommendations for thinking about the future in a positve way.