Create the highest possible vision for your life, because you become what you believe

It’s mid-August.

Some of us are holidaying: pausing, taking time, being.

Some are very much not: a start-up that is just starting, a business that can’t be left, an office job with hours to be worked.

Regardless of which camp you are in it seems people are talking and thinking about September.

Back to school.

A client the other day told me about her to-do list for the autumn. A long list of disjointed things to tick off.

She looked mildly depressed. And bored.

There was little motivation.

Energy was low.

So I asked her to imagine it was December. To tell me what two big things she had done over the autumn that had made a real difference, had made her proud of herself, had moved her forwards. I asked her talk to me as if it were December, to describe what she had done and how she felt.

She lit up. There was one big work project: the designing, hiring and training of a new role at her company.  There was one big personal commitment: to turn off her phone after 7pm.

She projected herself into December and described the work goal: the new hire in place, the relieved pressure of the team, herself with more space to actively grow the company, the extra strategic support.

In this imagined December the personal goal had given her more conscious time with her family, cleared her head, reduced her stress. It had expanded her world beyond her work.

We then came back to August.

She relooked at the to-do list.

It now seemed a little silly. She shortened it. She crossed some things off it.

She wrote the two big goals on a piece of paper which she planned to put by her desk.

She commented that every day she would be mainly focussing on those two things. That they would make the biggest difference.

The minutiae of the to-do list was relegated. And with that the energy-sapping nature of box-ticking.

To move into this autumn with intention and presence create a vision and then set yourself two- three main goals. No more.

Watch your energy fly.


Creating a vision and goals for the future.

A postcard from the future

Take a postcard. Imagine yourself in the future- say six months from now.

Write yourself a postcard from that point in time saying what you’ve done, why it’s great and how you feel.

Distil it down to two-three main things.

Keep the postcard as inspiration.

On a separate piece of paper work backwards from those goals and note what you need to do to achieve them.

That’s your to-do list. All the rest is gravy

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